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ReveReve als beschrijver van ruimtes en landschappen

Een weinig opgemerkte gave van Gerard Reve is zijn handigheid in het gedetailleerd beschrijven van een ruimte of landschap. Bij veel schrijvers, maar niet bij Reve, haast ik me door dergelijke beschrijvingen heen. Wat maakt Reve zo interessant? Deels zijn het de mooi geconstrueerde zinnen en de taaltechnische oplossingen die hij vindt voor het beschrijven van een ingewikkelde ruimte. [...]

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Reve's Faust: review of A circus boyGerard Reve, summer 1974

'It is beyond doubt that I am evil'. So reads the opening sentence of the previously untranslated novel A circus boy (1975) by Dutch writer Gerard Reve (1923-2006). The reader who thinks Reve is kidding, await quite a few shocking passages. The novel has the same dark mood and black humor as the rest of Reve's work, and uses a cunning and thought-provoking narrative trick in the final chapter. [...] Continue

In the cab (short story)

'What do you think of our city?' my taxi driver asks. Since I have taken many cabs in this town, I have a polite answer prepared: 'The weather is nice, the food is great and...' The taxi driver finishes my sentence: 'And the women are beautiful! Right?' - 'Indeed, the women are nice,' I have to concede. But I don't feel like elaborating on the qualities of this South American city. Sure, the temperature is pleasant, but the monotony of cloud covered days is boring after a while. [...] Continue

A circus boy (novel)

My translation of Dutch author Gerard Reve's infamous novel A circus boy (Een Circusjongen, 1975) 'Wherein the writer describes how incredibly badly he is born; wherein he tries to clarify his dark outlook on earthy existence.' Gerard Reve has won all major Dutch literary prizes during his life, but he has hardly been translated into English. I consider it a great literary injustice to Anglo-Saxon readers that they are denied the chance to read his work. This is the reason I have translated A circus boy. Enjoy. [...] Continue


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